Frequently Asked Questions

Increase your profits by becoming a StudentLoanify Affiliate
Join the StudentLoanify affiliate team and make money by simply referring people to StudentLoanify where borrowers can get real help with their federal student loans.

What is StudentLoanify?
StudentLoanify is a simple and easy-to-use platform that:
1. Analyzes a borrower’s federal student loans;
2. Prepares a custom report for the borrower detailing their repayment options; and
3. Prepares all of the required application materials needed for the borrower to obtain a repayment plan that’s right for
them. Some borrowers will even qualify for $0 payments and complete discharges.

How Does The Affiliate Program Work?
You promote StudentLoanify on your website, social network and emails through ads, comments or articles which contain links to StudentLoanify. We’ll provide you with specially coded links so all traffic from you to StudentLoanify will be attributed to you. You do not need to know how to code or program. Once a person clicks one of your links, their site visit is tracked. And, when they purchase a service through StudentLoanify, you get a commission from that purchase. It’s that easy.

Why Should I Join?
Do you have a web site with relevant traffic to student loans? We can help you to monetize that traffic and turn it into profit. It’s a great opportunity to make money while helping borrowers find a real solution to their federal student loan issues.

How Do I Get Started?
To get started, you can simply visit and register. We supply all the tools for you and handle all the details, such as order processing, billing and support. All you have to do is to refer customer to us - and make money.

What Does It Cost?
There is no cost to you to become an affiliate. Membership is free.

What Do I Have To Do?
Once you have registered, you will be given your special links to include along with logos, ads and other materials you can use to promote StudentLoanify. Just download, add to your site and begin marketing StudentLoanify. It’s that simple.

How Much Do I Earn?
For each completed sale, you earn a 10% commission.

How Do I Keep Track of My Sales and Commission?
Once you register, we’ll provide you with a dashboard so you can see real-time data on all of your traffic and sales.

What Is The Cookie Duration?
We offer a 30-day cookie duration that allows you to earn a commission for up to 30 days after someone clicks on your StudentLoanify ad and completes an order.

Do I Have To Drive A Minimum Amount Of Traffic To Keep My Account Active?
No, there is no minimum requirement you need to drive as far as visitors go, but we pay out your commissions when you have earned at least $25.00. You never lose what you earn, even if it takes a long time to get to the $25.00.

How Often Do I Get Paid?
StudentLoanify issues payments to those people who have earned at least $25.00 on the 15th and last day of each month.

How Do I Get Paid?
When you register, you will be asked to provide your PayPal account information. All payments will be made to that account.

What If I Don’t Have A PayPal Account?
A PayPal account is easy to setup. Just go to and follow their steps. If you do not want to use PayPal, we can send traditional checks to you as long as you have entered your full mailing address when you registered.

If you have additional questions, Please feel free to email us at